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The website of Dr. M. Yazdani



Department of Mathematics, University of West Georgia

Carrollton, Georgia  30118


Office: 313 Boyd Building , Phone: 678 - 839 - 4132




Office Hours:

Journal of

Mathematical Sciences & Mathematical Education


I am available by appointment only.

Courses Taught Before:




Algebra for P-8 Teachers


Calculus I



Basics of Mathematical Modeling


Calculus II


Basics of Discrete Mathematics


Business Calculus


Basic Mathematics from an Advanced Viewpoint


Advanced Mathematics


Geometry for P-8 Teachers


Contemporary Mathematics


Advanced Perspective on Secondary Mathematics


College Geometry


Probability and Statistics for P-8 Teachers


College Algebra


Trigonometry and Calculus for P-8 Teachers


Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry



Foundation of Numbers & Operations






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